Tuesday, October 19, 2010

let's all just quit our jobs

To the hubs:

i wish you could work from home.
and by 'work' i totally mean hang out with me and the kid all day.

don't get me wrong,
i love your career choice.
more importantly, you love it 
and you're good at it.
nice combo.

but i would love to have you around to make me laugh-
especially when katers is licking her palms and smearing them on the tv.
(seriously?!? where does she learn these things?!?)

i would love to have you at home so i could talk with you.
somedays i'm desperate for adult contact.
i take kate on outings just to see other people and talk with them.
somedays inspiration lacks and we go to target.....

well, let's just say we go to target a LOT.

but i what i really hate about you not 'working' from home is how you miss things.
like kate learning how to moo like a cow.
or the green goo that ran like a faucet from her nose today.
(bet you're super bummed about that one)

so here's an outing you missed and one that i haven't really told you about yet.
is it just me or have these last few days been a little crazy??

i took our little one to the farnsworth cider mill pumpkin festival.
(they used the term festival a little too freely)
still, the weather was gorgeous and they had apple cider doughnuts.
which translated means MINI DONUTS!!

so here's our day along with a list of reasons you should work from home:

i made a stranger take this pic.
reason one: we need a photographer

kate LOVED her swing and was severely peeved when i removed her from it.
my butt looks big- yikes!

i forgot cash and didn't have the 50 cents it costs for katers to enter the jumphouse.
luckily a friendly stranger took pity on us.
reason two: we need your pocket full of loose change

 i know she looks forlorn but she actually had a great time. 
and the other kiddos were kind to her and didn't jump on her head.
thanks kiddos!!

 i thought these bales of hay would make a cute photo op so i plopped our cutie down.
turns out the hay was stabbing her legs.
reason three: she needs you to protect her from my "good" ideas

note the hot dog bun clenched in her fists.
she refused to eat it but wouldn't let go of it.
straaaaange child we have.

so that about sums up our day.
missed you as always.
thanks for working so hard for us.

love you.



Thistles said...

Cute! Love the pictures, especially the one of Kate in the jumperoo, gave me a good laugh! You both look so cute and I am sad we werent able to join in the fun :(

Kelli said...

OMG. Your butt does not look big. Silly K.

..... Johnny and Becky ..... said...

K first of all your blog posts are always a delight to read, and secondly, I think I need to copy everything that you said, but address it to Johnny from me. Love being a mom, and Love our daily trips to Target!