Thursday, October 21, 2010

read only if not eating (you've been warned)


i'm trying to be patient.
i know you don't feel well.
i know you just want elmo.
i know you hate the constant stream of goo from your nose.
believe me, i HATE it too.

this morning i got distracted unloading the dishes and forgot to wipe your nose.
(this needs to be done every 3 seconds)
so you did the only logical toddler thing.
you came over and rubbed your face on my leg.
sick. gag. gross. yuck
i guess i deserved it.
i did forget about you for 10 seconds.
my bad.
but i do get props for not getting mad.
(told you i was being patient)

let's NEVER do that again ok?


1 comment:

Thistles said...

Thanks for the disclaimer, I know you were thinking of me! LOVE that pic of Kate, between that face and the last one on the tampons post she can pull some pretty sweet faces. Good luck with the goobers!