Monday, October 25, 2010

l'oreal natural #5

to my dear friend and hair stylist for the last 6 years:

you hate me.
it's ok.
you have just cause.
i cancelled my appointment with you and didn't have the guts to tell you to your face.
i just up and called the salon and cancelled.
i suck.

in my defense....
i am trimming (get it trimming?? i'm so clever) back our budget.
and that includes hair.
no more coloring and cutting at the salon.
it has nothing to do with you- you're great!
remember my awesome victoria beckham knockoff with purple?
that was my fav.

so i have to say goodbye for awhile.
i will be dying my hair at home.
from a box.
like you told me NEVER to do.
again, sorry.

please don't hate.
i'll see you soon.
(like THE DAY AFTER jancer graduates and lands a job)

ps. these pics are proof that the at-home coloring can turn out ok... at least i thought so.

pps. this is the first day in weeks i haven't worn my hair in a pony. and the hair on my neck is already bugging me.



Kate said...

Tisk Tisk Kayla Hansen! A box really??? (No I am really kidding...I TOTALLY understand the finacal cutbacks...a box can work.)But for your hairstylsts sake...go back soon...we CHERISH.RELY& LOVE our clients! It does look great though by the way!

Sarah Jane said...

Cute hair, I wish that I could figure out how to do my blonde highlights from home too!