Monday, May 2, 2011

but really, is bath time a chore? i think not.


usually we split up the apres-dinner chores [cleaning up dinner and bathing katers]
i like the quiet that comes with cleaning the dishes.
you like to spend extra time with kate.
it's a win-win.....

last night the kitchen looked like this:

roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans and garlic bread.
oh and cherry coke zero.

i decided it was too much for one person to tackle.
[i'm such a slacker]
so i relocated to the bathroom floor and played on my phone while you bathed miss kate.

still loves water being poured on her head. seriously. loves it.

i really feel that you got the raw end of the deal.
especially since you did the majority of the kitchen work also.
but then i remembered that i know all the songs/words/noises on every elmo dvd we own [all 3 of them!]
and i decided i had logged enough elmo hours to justify being lazy last night.

thanks for helping me.
sorry we didn't get caught up on survivor.
the bin laden coverage was just too interesting to turn off.
maybe we can watch boston rob kick some butt tonight??

love you


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