Tuesday, May 24, 2011

music hour lasts all day

dear kitchen utensils:

my daughter intensely loves you.
every nite i walk around the apartment scooping you up.
funnels, whisks, measuring spoons are scattered everywhere after a day full of playing.

excuse the birthday streamers- i have taken them down now [and mourned them- they were so pretty!]

last nite i complained to jank that i was sick of finding you hidden throughout the house [and in our bed].
but then i thought about kate's face as she makes music with you.
she bangs on mirrors, the couch, and pots and pans with the whisks and spoons.
and sings [yells] through the funnel.

suddenly, i wasn't annoyed anymore.
because there is nothing as beautiful as seeing kate's face light up with joy.
and that's worth every teaspoon and whisk i find under my pillow.



tiff snedaker said...

Did you get a new camera? That top picture of Kate is totally adorable, I love it. And who needs toys when you have pots and pans?

Kelli said...

Kate's face is pretty cute. Love the one on the bottom left. Funny stuff.