Wednesday, May 25, 2011

surviving the rain


we love when you come to play.
especially when it's rainy outside [which it has been for the past 5 billion years]
the day is full of excitement and toddler squabbles.
we invariably will make a pillow pile to jump into.
this activity lasts for a loooong time- it's a crowd pleaser for sure.

that belt has become a favorite. if kate's not wearing it, her stuffed rabbit is.

and when i've finally worn you two out,
we will snuggle with treats [twizzlers this time] and watch a movie.

lizamagoos, we love you!

ps, bb-- this is only a small [very small, tiny even] part of the day. the rest of it we spent eating fruits and vegetables and practicing letters, numbers and colors all while listening to classical music...... are you buying any of this???

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Thistles Home & Gift said...

Looks like tons of fun! I love the action shots! Thanks for the ps too... all I know is Liz loves hanging out with you guys and always comes home happy and thirsty:)