Tuesday, May 17, 2011

we love to celebrate

dear family [both hansen's and haskins']-

you all know we are contemplating moving away from salt lake after jank graduates.
we are excited about this but also very sad.

we can't imagine not being able to have a party like we had on saturday.
will birthday's be the same when we don't have a house full of people?
probably not.

so thank you all for coming over to celebrate kater's bday party.
hope you all had as much fun as kate did [she's still eating suckers]

a special thank you to everyone for donning party hats and posing for family pictures with kate.
i seriously doubted i could get hats on the menfolk without a fight.
there were definitely a few eye rolls but everyone played along- thanks!

and a really big thank you to my mom who spent over an hour emailing me 100+ pictures once she got back to MN.
[my camera died halfway through the party [duh kayla, charge the battery prior to big events]]
thanks mom!

ps. and whoever put the confetti from the pinata in my bed.... i will get you back.


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