Wednesday, May 4, 2011

another year older

miss kate:

i hope you inherited your father's memory.
he can recall all sorts of information and it comes in quite handy
[unless we're having an argument and then it's just annoying]

but just in case you inherited my awful memory and can never recall your second birthday,
i'll recap today for you--

you received three phone calls, four text messages and one card.
i let you drink as much milk as you wanted and by bedtime i had refilled your sippy 6 times.
you got to play with your favorite person in the whole world- lizamagoos!
you guys fed the ducks and geese, found sticks and played on the slides.

running with sticks is safe and awesome

you had mcdonald's for dinner.
you barely ate your food because you were full of milk [your dad ate your nuggets. he thanks you]
i made you a chocolate cake stuffed with chocolate mouse and raspberry filling.
you licked the whipped cream off the top, smashed the rest and didn't even try a bite.
you blew out your candle on the first try [all that bubble-blowing came in handy]
we applauded your candle-blowing abilities like you had just discovered electricity.

we're still working on smiling for the camera. that little girl is a stubborn one.

you demanded extra hugs after you were tucked in and we joyfully complied.
tonight, just like every night, you yelled 'NIGH-NIGH' as we walked out of your room.
this always makes us laugh.

miss kate, we love your guts.
thanks for changing our lives.

your mama and daddy

ps. for your birthday we got you a portable dvd player that mounts to the headrest in my car. we installed it a week ago and you now love 'going out'. i'm pretty sure it's the best thing we've ever bought you. i should add that it was your dad's idea so we have him to thank for our now peaceful car rides. thanks jank!


Thistles Home & Gift said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Her cake looks so yummy! I love the picture of her eating the top of it. Cant wait for the party!! And thanks again for taking Liz today...she went to bed without her bink and is now snoring:)

Becky Foster said...

Wow 2 years old!! Happy B-day. That cake looks divine! Too bad she didn't eat much of it. Looks like a fun day. You guys are so cute.

Sarah Jane said...

Happy Birthday to Kate! That cake seriously looked so good, you should open a bakery and serve yummy treats like that! She is a cutie!

Tyrel said...

Happy Birthday Kate!! {belated} I love the way you dove into your cake.

Sharon Beesley said...

that cake it perfect