Monday, May 9, 2011

do the terrible two's really last a whole year?!?

mom and dad-

i want to apologize in advance for any disappointment you might experience in the coming week.
you're flying out here on thursday and i'm afraid it's not going to be much fun.

you see, the terrible two's have descended upon our house.
it's really not as funny as everyone says it will be.
the over-the-top meltdowns might be funny in a year or two,
but right now.... oh boy.

i hope kate shapes up before you get here.
i know you want to snuggle her and play with her but all she wants to do is cry.
be warned: if you touch her without her permission, she will burst into tears and say "owwwwie"
[this makes for fun public outings- people tend to stare when a child yells owie!]

i don't mean to be so dramatic, i should note that it's not horrible 24/7.
kate's still sweet and fun.
she still likes playgrounds, bubbles and movies-
those things always make her smile.
it's just that the good moments are tainted more frequently with a tantrum or two [or five].

i really hope it's just a week-long phase.
maybe a little nana and papa love is all she needs.
let's hope.

please bring chocolate and fresh flowers when you come,
i'm fairly certain i deserve them.
any of these will do nicely:

[fyi: peonies are my favorite]

love you both,



Becky Foster said...

You deserve the prettiest flowers and most delicious chocolates. Sorry 'bout the little monster. I think Hazel just hit the terrible ones.

Sarah Jane said...

Hate to burst your bubble, but when she turns 3 it gets WORSE! I did read somewhere that for the first 6 months of the age they are, is worse than the last 6, don't know why. Good Luck, hang in there eat lots of chocolate and indulge in some caffine!