Friday, May 27, 2011

reason #9823 why i love my imac

jank's trying to decide if he can branch out from baseball caps, hence the abundance of fedoras

dear photo booth:

you're not always flattering but you're always entertaining.
thank you.

ps. we're going camping for the long weekend [heaven help me]. my idea of 'roughing-it' is a cabin with heat/ac and a bed. this weekend is purely for jancer- i must really love him.


Nanna said...

I love my Fedora!!! I wore it all over Israel and Egypt. We should get a three generation pic of us all in them. :)

The Leeflangs said...

I love your blog! i look at it pretty much daily :) Kate is so stinkin' cute! She reminds us so much of hannah at that age :) You are such a fun mom! I love watching the little things you guys do!

Sharde said...

i agree. its actually almost not flattering on me at all, but definitely fun! :) love the fedoras.