Monday, May 23, 2011

jank's still whistling pomp and circumstance

dear pseudo-graduation:

saturday was grand.
jank donned his cap and gown and attended your event.
he was hooded and received his blank diploma holder
[real graduation for the PA program isn't until august- he'll receive his diploma then. saturday was a formality for the entire school of medicine]

the weather was perfect and peanut tolerated your 2.5 hour long ceremony surprisingly well.
[until she wanted to throw her headband over the balcony, that's when we left]
i got to catch up with friends-
consensus among the wives.... august 5th can't come soon enough!
we want to shop and dine out and not be single moms anymore.

[thanks to katie for sending me pictures of the ladies.
we deserve some credit since we're so wonderful and supportive 
and never complain about the program. nope not once]

miss kate was glued to jank's side.
i couldn't bribe her off of him.

a small group of us headed up to ruth's diner for lunch.
we dined on the patio and soaked up some sun-
after seemingly endless weeks of rain, some sunshine is what we all needed.

i love the men's hair-
the [dumb] graduation caps left dents.

i ordered the cheeseburger- something i never used to do but now it seems they're all i want.
[no, i'm not pregnant]

thanks pseudo-graduation for giving us all a chance to celebrate and catch-up.
can't wait to do it all again [but for real] in august.



ATTrio said...

Congrats! Looks like you had the perfect weather for a graduation!

Jessica said...

Literally, August can't come fast enough! It was a fun day. I'm glad I got to see you guys, sorry we couldn't make it to lunch with you all. And sorry I haven't sent you any pictures yet. I don't have much computer time these days. I will send them to you asap.