Friday, May 20, 2011

gregory peck's a stud, even with his grandpa pants

dear naptime,

you're still my favorite- the quiet, the freedom, the peace.
oh it is wonderful.
the post-naptime moments are magical too.
and they are quickly becoming my favorites because that's when kate likes to snuggle with me.

a few days ago i was watching roman holiday during naptime.
when kate woke up from her nap she brought me her little bubble container.
i blew bubbles for a long time while we finished the movie.
[who knew a toddler would like a b+w film?]
she didn't talk much, just watched the movie and the bubbles.
her body was still warm from sleeping and she was snuggled in really close to me.
the whole time i sat there thinking-
my life is pretty much perfect right now.


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Kelli said...

I love Roman Holiday. Sigh. Sounds like a perfect afternoon.