Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a perfect day


note to self: next time bring scoops and bowls so the girls don't have to steal other kids' toys. whoops

thanks for giving me an excuse to take the girls to the park.
your new double-wide is awesome.
[i love that a new stroller excites me]

i couldn't get the girls to both look at me for a picture.
they couldn't be distracted from all the fun they were having.
not that i blame them.
sun + sand make a great combo.

sorry that i forgot the sunscreen.
but i'm sure glad that sunscreen is something we have to now think about.
goodbye clouds, hello sun!

ps. my favorite picture of harry to date

my favorite outfit- i'm a sucker for stripes.


1 comment:

Thistles Home & Gift said...

Aww...a letter to me?? Thank you again for thinking of me and helping out! Liz loves it when you come and play. P.S. Liz looks super cute with her rosy cheeks:)