Friday, May 13, 2011

naptime for everyone

dear bed,

i want very much to crawl into you right now.
kate and i just returned from a two hour walk around bb's neighborhood.
the weather was perfect and i am happily exhausted.
i would love to snuggle into your white comforter and enjoy the breeze blowing through my window.
a 20 minute nap sounds awesome right now.

but i know me.
and if i don't blog now about the good times we're having with mom and dad,
i probably never will.
and the going-ons won't be committed to my memory.
then when bb says 'remember when....?' i'll have to say [yet again] 'nope, don't remember'

so here's what happened thursday:

breakfast @ gourmandise. 
fantastic- i want to eat there every morning

kate eating her raspberries- is there a toddler who doesn't enjoy sticking food on their fingertips?

 i highly recommend the cinnamon apple french toast. and check out all those berries!

lunch on soda row in daybreak [can't remember the name of the place]
lizamagoos rocking it out in her sunglasses, eyeing bb's root beer.

nana getting in some harry-loving while kate feeds harry.

 snuggling with nana after a long day of fun
we call the spot kate's in 'the bird's nest'- it was the coveted spot when we were younger.

ok, now i can go crash until kate wakes up from her nap

[yes, she still naps! it took me a week or so of retraining her for nap time but it was worth it. she sleeps like a champ for about 90 minutes every day. hallelujah!!]


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Kerrianne said...

Wish I was there! Miss you all so much. I'm jealous of all the fun you are having!