Tuesday, May 31, 2011

two letters today-- ambitious or lazy?

doesn't that face just scream 'i love animals! more dogs please!'

dyson, copen and hagen,

sorry kate froze in panic whenever any of you walked within 10 feet of her.
don't feel bad.
it's not you, it's her.
eventually we'll get a dog and she'll get over her fear of animals,
but that day is at least a year or two [or ten] away.
so until then, you guys will know her as 'the little girl who cries a lot'.
we apologize for this.

kate's mum

i don't think jancer or i ever stopped eating. we have a problem.


well, i survived.
[thanks to large quantities of pepsi, twizzlers, sour patch kids and s'mores]
i'm daring to call it the best camping trip to date.
driving back to g+g hansen's house at night was genius.
while you all froze in your tent [can't believe it snowed],
katers, your mom and i were toasty warm in a house.
it was the perfect plan-
all the good stuff about camping [campfires, 4 wheeler rides, family and nature]
but none of the grossness [not showering, shivering in a tent at night, eggs for breakfast]

thanks for making me go and for loving me despite my inability to love camping.

yours always [even when you haven't shaved in 4 days and smell like campfire smoke],

ps. huge thank you to my galoshes. i've had them for about 5 years now and love them more each year. people like to make fun of them, but my toes are always warm and dry [a must when it rains all. day. long.] and they're mint green. you can't beat that.



Nanna said...

Love Kates hat! Also love jancers sweatshirt!

ATTrio said...

That is awesome! I went camping last weekend too and need to update my blog. You guys did better than us. When we camp we eat out almost every meal :) This time we didn't even have one fire. oophs! Loving the MN sweatshirt!!